KDNK Programming Survey

We want to know what you think of KDNK. Please take this comprehensive survey about our programming and activities. Thank you.

* 1. What choice describes you?

* 2. KDNK’s mission is to provide public-access radio that connects community members to one another and the world. How important is this mission to you?

* 3. How well are we fulfilling our mission?

* 4. Do we have the right balance between music and news and public affairs?

* 5. Do we have the right balance between local programming (including music presented by volunteer DJ’s, news, shows such as “Geek Speak”) and national programming (such as “Democracy Now,” “New Dimensions,” “E-Town,” “Radio Lab” and NPR news)?

* 6.

If you want more national programming, what would you eliminate in order to make room for it?

* 7. Any particular shows you’ve heard elsewhere that you’d like to hear on KDNK?

* 8.

How do you feel about KDNK providing all community members access to the airwaves, even if it sometimes prevents us from maintaining a polished professional sound?

* 9. KDNK remains primarily a music station hosted by volunteer DJs. How important is this to you?

* 10. Which music do you enjoy most on KDNK?

* 11.

KDNK partners with the Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program to provide training to youth, and provides up to five hours per week of youth-access programming in prime time. Also, middle school and high school students produce segments relevant to youth issues. How do you feel about KDNK’s youth programs?

* 12. How important is NPR news (Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Weekend Edition, Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me) in KDNK’s programming mix?

* 13. How important is “Democracy Now!”?

* 14. KDNK airs “Democracy Now!” 12 hours after the live feed at 6 a.m. KDNK Should:

* 15. KDNK is a member of Rocky Mountain Community Radio, a collection of stations that shares the costs of Colorado State Capital reporter Bente Berkland? How important is this?

* 16. KDNK News maintains a searchable online archive of all news stories, and offers podcasts of all locally produced public affairs shows and newscast. How important is this?

* 17. KDNK strives to provide local news and in-depth regional reporting. We have two full-time reporters and several stringer reporters, producing at least one new news story every weekday. We cover the Garfield County commissioners and Carbondale trustees, and issues such as immigration, the environment and more. Is this use of financial resources and airtime valuable to you?

* 18. KDNK News broadcasts live forums such as Thompson Divide meetings. Is this a good use of resources and airtime?

* 19.

KDNK broadcasts live music and events, including Mountain Fair and summer music from Glenwood Springs and Carbondale. We have improved the sound quality by upgrading our remote broadcasting capabilities. Is this a good use of resources and airtime?

* 20.

KDNK reserves Thursday evenings for volunteers to broadcast in Spanish. How do you feel about this?

* 21.

Do you think KDNK is too “Carbondale-centric”?

* 22.

KDNK has a tradition of broadcasting Roaring Fork Rams football games, which requires pre-empting some Friday evening music programming. What do you think?

* 23. Lost and Found Pet Report

* 24. KDNK's Daily Community Calendar

* 25. "Pulse of the Planet"

* 26. "Stardate"

* 27. Jim Hightower's commentary

* 28. Town Trustees Report

* 29.

Where do you listen to KDNK the most? Check all that apply.

* 30. When do you listen to KDNK the most? Check all that apply.

* 31. How often are you offended by the lyrics in songs DJs play, or by what DJs say?

* 32.

What makes you change stations away from KDNK? Check all that apply.

* 33.

What stations are programmed on your car’s radio?

* 34.

How did you first find out about KDNK?

* 35. What is the best radio station you ever heard? Please include location.

* 36. What one programming changes would you like to see made?

* 37. Other comments about KDNK: