Purpose: To collect data regarding staff satisfaction regarding delivery of services by the Fairfax County Health Department School Health Program to students and staff in Fairfax County Public Schools.  This is used as a budget performance measure of the program and is part of the annual Fairfax County Results-Based Accountability report.
Time required:  The survey takes <5 minutes to complete.
Benefits:  Staff responses are analyzed and will help contribute to the improvement of School Health services.
Risks:  There are no identifiable risks.
Confidentiality:  The survey responses are anonymous and only the school is identified.  Fairfax County Public School staff position is requested, however, responses are retrieved only by managerial staff at the Fairfax County Health Department with access to survey reports, which is password protected.

Participation:   Participation is completely voluntary.

Question Title

* 1. What is your position with Fairfax County Public Schools?

Question Title

* 2. Please list your assigned school(s).