Thank you for applying to CTCORE-Organize Now!'s 2017 Direct Action and Digital Self Defense training.  

This survey shouldn't take you more than 10-15 minutes to complete.  It is an opportunity for you to let us know about you, the work you do/hope to do, and why you are interested in learning more about direct action.  

If you are not selected for this training, we hope that you will apply for a future training opportunity.  We also hope that you will consider coming to our Racial Justice conference at Whitneyville Cultural Commons October 20th-22nd.

Join our mailing list to get updates on our work and find out about upcoming events and training opportunities:  http://www.ctcore-organizenow.org/mailinglist/

We are leaving our application process open for young people (25 and under) until the November 15th.  Please fill out this brief survey to apply for the training.