1. Introduction Page

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The active data-gathering phase of the study "Customer Preferences Among Podcast Listeners" has ended. The survey is still "up" and you are welcome to continue through and complete the survey, but I cannot guarantee that entries received after today will be included in the analyzed data.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following podcasts and podcasters who helped promote the survey through new media and social media. I invite you to check out their podcasts, if you are looking for something good to listen to.

Lian Dolan, Chaos Chronicles_____________ Paul Camarata, SaintCast
John C. Dvorak, No Agenda______________ Scott Roche, Archangel Novel
Mur Lafferty, I Should Be Writing _________ KylieMac, the Katia & KylieMac Show
James Kennison, Nobody's Listening _______ Role Playing Public Radio
Fr. Seraphim, Catholic: Under the Hood ____ Jeffrey Taylor, From Crisis to Crisis
Podcast Answer Man ___________________ Happy Jack's RPG Podcast
Safek-Savir (Hebrew Language) __________ Waves of Tech

Alan Middleton
Ohio University-Lancaster
May 21, 2010


The next page of the study is the "informed consent" page, required for all academic studies sponsored by my university. If you agree to continue with the study after reading this, you will move on to the survey itself.

The survey will ask for some basic demographic information about you, then will ask you a range of questions about your podcast listening habits and preferences.

To maintain the academic validity of the study, participants are asked to complete the survey only once.

Click to continue if you have not taken this survey before and wish to continue.