* 1. What level of interest do you have in COShealth?

* 2. With which groups should COShealth partner and how should we partner?

  Projects Grant proposals Collective Impact events / community needs assessments Research and reporting Best practice initiatives
Community Health Partnership, El Paso County Medical Society
Pikes Peak Military Network, Colorado Springs Military Health System
Primehealth, other entrepreneurial health-related groups
Pikes Peak Work Force Center
Healthy Community Collaborative
Innovations in Aging
Higher Ed (PPCC, CTU, UCCS, CC, etc.)
Pikes Peak United Way

* 3. How can we optimize participant time/effort needed to accomplish goals?

* 4. How valuable would your organization find the following potential roles for COShealth (0=no value, 5=great value)

  0 = no value 1 = little value 2 = moderate value 3 = good value 4 = very good value 5 = great value
Growing the health sector of our community's economy
Continuously improving the health work force
Leveraging local competence into opportunities to attract health business to our region
Supporting, participating in and creating projects and programs that enable Colorado Springs to be seen as the healthiest city in the U.S.
Complete current projects (video learning series, health asset map, center for health information cybersecurity

* 5. What value should COShealth bring to your organization?

* 6. What value should COShealth bring to the Colorado Springs Community?

* 7. What value should COShealth bring to the Colorado Springs economy?

* 8. What are the most convenient COShealth meeting times for you?

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Early morning
Lunch hour
Late afternoon