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Greetings! In case you were not aware, Resident Resources Network, Inc. (RRN), a nonprofit organization established by Wallick Communities in 2011, operates a Resident Services program for your, and other affordable housing communities. The Resident Services program is designed to connect residents to support services that help to improve housing stability, increase self-sufficiency, and contribute to healthy, vibrant communities (e.g., eviction prevention, access to government benefits, assistance with college and financial aid applications, job training, health and wellness workshops, etc.).

The following survey is being conducted every two years by RRN as a way to gather some information that can help our staff bring programs and services to your housing community that will be of interest to you, your family, and your neighbors. You are not required to provide this information and can choose to not answer any of the questions. We are asking you to voluntarily provide this information to help us better serve you. All of your responses are strictly confidential and none of them will be shared with other residents, property managers, or anyone outside the surveying process, without your permission. In addition, your participation in the survey will in no way impact your housing status or current tenancy.


Please provide the information requested below. The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete. Only complete one survey per household. If you prefer to complete the survey online, you are welcome to use the following link to access it:​. Any questions you may have can be answered by the person administering the survey, your Service Coordinator, or Shon Burch at (614) 552-5668 or  Your Community Manager CANNOT answer questions about this survey. We appreciate your time and your input and look forward to serving you better. Thank you!