Risk Assessment Quick Score

* 1. Is your workers' compensation experience modification rating (EMR) less than 1.0?

* 2. Would you perform well in a Regulatory Compliance Audit (i.e. OSHA, DOT, EPA, other)?

* 3. Do your accident statistics compare favorably to industry benchmarks?

* 4. Do you have effective emergency response and disaster recovery plans?

* 5. Are you well protected from a cyber attack?

* 6. Does your safety program follow industry best practices

* 7. Do you qualify drivers before allowing them to drive on company business (i.e.drivers have to maintain acceptable motor vehicle record)?

* 8. Do you effectively screen job applicants so they don't become your next claim?

* 9. Is your property adequately protected from fires, theft, vandalism, flood, windstorms, civil unrest, other?

* 10. Do you have a formalized plan to manage your loss exposures (property, liability, workers' compensation, fleet, other

* 11. If you would like someone from our loss prevention team to contact you, please provide your information below: