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Official Ballot

You may cast a vote for fourteen or fewer names.  You may write in names, but the total number of votes cast may not exceed fourteen, including write-ins.  We currently have nominations for eleven positions.  You can review biographical descriptions of candidates here. We encourage additional write-in names for the remaining seats, if you know of someone who would like to serve as a business representative. Ballots containing votes for more than fourteen names will not be counted.  We will select the fourteen candidates receiving the most votes to serve on the NPU-B board in calendar year 2024.  If a write-in candidate is among the top fourteen, their election will be subject to certification that they meet the qualifications.  If we fall short of the fourteen seats, we will continue to solicit nominations and bring these forward for a vote.

NPU-B business representatives must be a business owner or employed by a company or organization that has its business address in NPU-B for at least the last twelve months, and the representative must reside in the City of Atlanta.

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* 1. Candidates for Business Representatives (2024)

Please indicate your vote by checking the box next to the candidate's name.  You may vote for up to fourteen candidates including writing in candidates' names and businesses.

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* 2. Name (please enter your name)

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* 3. Home/residence address (your address - must be in City of Atlanta):

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* 5. Business address (your business address - must be in Buckhead)

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