Orientation Registration

Thank you for signing up for one of our orientation sessions. There are two different types of orientation sessions. The orientations are offered on the same day back-to-back for those who wish to take both (though taking them back-to-back is not necessary).

The StudioAbroad Orientation introduces faculty and staff to the study abroad database and includes information such as pulling up reports, checking off requirements, and finding student information.

The Short-term Program Pre-Departure Orientation introduces faculty who will be leading programs abroad to risk management procedures, support from the Office of Education Abroad, and liability.

Please feel free to register for one or both orientations. Thank you. All sessions will meet in the 1st floor conference room in Tomlinson Hall.

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* 2. Please choose the StudioAbroad Orientation that you wish to attend.

* 3. Please choose the Short-Term Program Faculty Orientation that you wish to attend.