As part of Healthy Savannah's effort to improve health and wellness throughout Savannah and Chatham county, feedback from the community about the health disparities and challenges facing each neighborhood is very important. Your feedback will help Healthy Savannah provide the greatest support and impact to neighborhoods throughout Savannah and Chatham county. All feedback from the survey will be anonymous. The survey will only take about 5 minutes to complete.

Question Title

* 1. How much do you know about each of the Healthy Savannah initiatives:

  Nothing A little bit A great deal
Faith and Health Initiative 
Healthy Policy for a Healthy Savannah
Complete Streets ordinance campaign
Truman Linear Park Trail advocacy campaign
Healthy children public awareness campaign
Smoke Free Air ordinance

Question Title

* 2. Please indicate how often each of the following has occurred in the past month:

  Not applicable Multiple times a week Every week or every other week Once a month or less Not at all
My child(ren)/grandchildren/great grandchildren walked or biked to school.
I visited one of the city or county parks.
My family/kids visited used one of the city or county parks.
I used the bike lanes around Savannah.
I walked or rode my bike to work.
My kid(s) participated in physical activities (sports team, running, biking) outside of school time.
I participated in physical activities (running, walking, team sports, etc).
My family does fun physical activities together.
20% of survey complete.