February 18, 2019 – AOT Annual Meeting & Training School - 6 PDH Opportunity

Date:  Monday, February 18, 2019 - 9:30 AM - 5 PM - See Schedule of Lectures below.

Location:  Times Square Marriott Marquis - 7th floor Duffy-Columbia Meeting Room, 1535 Broadway, New York, New York.

To RSVP your attendance and reserve your seats, click here. 

Earn up to 6 PDHS - Including required PDH in Ethics!  - Get the latest information on subjects affecting your job, profession, town and state.  Attend engineering, construction and design innovation presentations by top engineering firms.  Meet and network with your fellow engineers.

 - Food and Refreshments Optional:  5th floor lounge, Soup & Sandwich Buffet Ala Cart (pay on your own).

9:45 AM - Key Note Speakers: Rudi O. Sherbansky PE, MBA 
                  Summary of Advocacy Initiatives by NYSSPE for Design Professionals.
                  Presentation of the NYC Mayor's Proclamation of Engineers Week

10 AM - Special Inspections Requirements - Review of Recent Building Code Updates Presentation. 
                               - International Accreditation Service (IAS) - 1 PDH
               2018 Changes in Special Inspection Requirements.

11 AM -2016 Energy Code Updates - Changes to the Current 2016 NYS Energy Code
             and their Impact on New Construction in New York State.
                               - 1 PDH - Dennis R. Landsberg, PhD, PE, CEM, LEED AP, BEAP, CCP

12 PM - LUNCH - 5th floor lounge, Soup & Sandwich Buffet Ala Cart (pay on your own).

1 PM - Ethics in The Practice of Engineering and Architecture in New York State - 1 PDH
                                 - Tesser, Ryan & Rochman, LLP

2 PM - Recent Code Changes and Impact on Coastal projects, Marinas and Ports Design. 
                                 - McLaren Engineering - 1 PDH

3PM - Driverless Cars Traffic and the Road of the Future - 1 PDH
                                  -Sam Schwartz P.E., Former Traffic Commissioner, NYC Department of Transportation.

4 PM - Constructability of Municipal Solar Farms in New York State
                                   - H2M engineers + architects - 1 PDH

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Conference Schedule:

<span style="color: #00ccff;"><strong><a href="http://www.cvent.com/events/nyc-engineers-week-pe-s-in-construction-group-of-nysspe-at-the-2019-new-york-association-of-town-s-a/agenda-d9345a852f2646e68ad8a3c265c634db.aspx" rel="nofollow" style="color: #00ccff;" target="_blank">Conference Schedule:</a></strong></span>
Conference Description:

9:45 AM - Key Note Speakers:   Rudi O. Sherbansky PE, MBA - Regional VP, NYS Society of Professional Engineers.

Summary of Advocacy Initiatives for NYS Design Professionals.
Presentation of the 2019 Engineers Week Proclamation.
10 AM - Special Inspections - Review of Recent Building Code Changes in Special Inspection Requirements - 1 PDH

Speaker:   Sandra McCracken, Director of Construction and Industrial Relations, International Accreditation Service (IAS).

Overview of changes to the requirements and practice of Special Inspectors by the Rules of Chapter 17 of the Building Code.
This presentation is an overview of some of the changes made to the requirements and practice of Special Inspectors as well as discuss the affected rules of Chapter 17 of the Building Code.  Topics to be covered include changes to Special Inspections rules including qualifications of inspectors, frequency of inspections, changes to local laws etc. Participants will learn about the sequence and organization of the SI Rule, differences between the prior and current rules, discuss a summary of the impact of the changes in various SI rules, the criteria and classification of Special Inspections, some of the differences between inspection requirements, summary of some of the code sections impacted by the changes in SI rules, and a brief overview of the process of becoming an Accredited Special Inspection Agency in 2019.

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11 AM - 2016 Energy Code Updates -  1 PDH

Speaker:  Dennis R. Landsberg, PhD, PE, CEM, LEED AP, BEAP,CCP

Review of Changes in the Current 2016 NYS Energy Code and their Impact on New Construction in New York State.
The presentation will focus on changes covering each building system and how that may impact building design choices.  The 2016 State Code is based upon the 2015 International Code and 90.1-2013.The code has provisions for Residential buildings, which are defined as single family and multi-family buildings of three stories or less, and commercial buildings, which are all buildings not defined as residential buildings. To achieve compliance, there is a prescriptive path, a component performance paths allowing tradeoffs and a custom path that relies on modeling.  ASHRAE also has workbooks for specific building types that achieve 30%, 50% or more above code, and that can be downloaded for free.

1 PM - Ethics in The Practice of Engineering and Architecture in New York State - 1 PDH.
Speaker:  Lewis Tesser, Esq., Senior Partner,  Tesser, Ryan & Rochman, LLP.   Former Chair of the New York State Bar Association’s (NYSBA) General Practice Section, Past President of the New York County Lawyers’ Association (NYCLA) and the Editor-in-Chief of the Oxford University Press treatise, “The New York Rules of Professional Conduct.”
An overview of ethical and legal aspects required (and expected) of professional engineers with primary emphasis on the big picture of being a professional in New York State.  Objectives:  This one hour discussion with Q&A will provide an overview and a reminder of some of the concepts and/or nomenclatures of : What it means to be a professional; obligations; licensed vs. unlicensed Engineer; what requires an engineer's stamp; attaining License in other States; exemptions from licensing requirements; hiring unlicensed engineers; unprofessional conduct; avoiding problem areas and communicating.

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2PM - Recent Code Changes and Impact on Coastal projects, Marinas and Ports Design - 1 PDH
Speaker:  Stephen A. Famularo, P.E., Director of Marine Engineering, McLaren Engineering Group
The design, construction, and maintenance of marine and waterfront structures is a unique engineering field where the application of building codes diverges from traditional standards of practice. Examples of this divergence include the design of floating ferry terminals, construction of buildings on piers, and underwater repair of structural elements. This presentation will delve into the inconsistencies between these aforementioned project types and traditional land-based buildings, provide guidance on the current application of building codes and FEMA design criteria to these structures, as well as discuss future industry plans for the creation of new waterfront standards.

3PM - Driverless Cars Traffic and the Road of the Future - 1 PDH

Speaker:  Sam Schwartz P.E., Sam Schwartz Transportation Consultants.  

Autonomous vehicles will be the most disruptive technology to hit society worldwide.
Former NYC DOT Traffic Commissioner, Sam Schwartz P.E.  will discuss the pros and cons of driverless cars and lay out the future of driverless traffic. While we will see some major benefits—fewer crashes, less parking, and greater productivity while motoring—we also need to be aware of the big concerns. Autonomous vehicles (AVs) will affect family and work life, business, politics, ethics, the environment, travel, and health. City planning will change significantly as AVs will dominate transportation over the next generation. The streetscape, as we know it today, may be dramatically altered.  Mr. Schwartz will provide an overview of the concepts discussed in his latest book NO ONE AT THE WHEEL which will provide a roadmap for how to respond to the inevitable changes that autonomous vehicles will bring.  Stakeholders and citizens will need to work together with government to maximize the benefits of this technology while minimizing its downsides.
4 PM - Constructability of Municipal Solar Farms in New York State - 1 PDH

Speaker:  George W. Desmarais, P.E., H2M Architects + Engineers.

Constructability and Feasibility of Solar Farms in NY State - including winner of the 2015 NYSSPE Project of the Year Award.
Construction and Feasibility Issues of Solar Field Installations to be discussed include:  Site staging area locations • Utility coordination • Layout of site • Use of pre cast/poured in place concrete ballasts • Stripping of existing cap cover material • Use of recycled crushed glass for ballast base • Concrete delivery for ballast • Installation of racking system• Installation of solar panels (Union Issues) • Installation of electrical feed/wiring system • Inverter location/delivery • Switchgear installation/elevation • Trenching/cover damage • Startup/Testing • Acceptance • Approvals• Utility Interconnection • Remote Net Metering • SCADA monitoring requirements • Energy provider versus Consumer • CESIR Study Cost/Preparation • Regulatory Agency Concerns • NYSDEC – Albany/New Paltz • Maintaining existing operations • Ongoing O&M operation.

This notification is your invitation to join this NY Towns Association's Training Conference to be held on the 7th floor (Duffy-Columbia Meeting Room) of the Times Square Marriott Marquis Hotel on Monday, February 18, 2019.  Refreshments, Keynote Speeches & Networking will start at 9:15 AM followed by the lectures which will begin at 10:00 AM promptly.  The Times Square Marriott Marquis is located at 1535 Broadway, New York, NY.  Meet at the 7th floor Duffy-Columbia Meeting Room.   

This event is open to the public. Please spread the word throughout your organization.

Full 1 Day/ 6 hours (6 PDH)  -  Full Time Government Employees and NYSSPE/ASCE/AIA Members- $150 
- All Others:  $250

Cost Per 1 hour Course (1 PDH) - Full Time Government Employees and NYSSPE/ASCE/AIA Members   - $40 
- All Others:  $60

• Free for Conference registrants who are not a design professional and are not getting PDH/CEU credit for the courses.

All Pre-event payments by mail may be made by check or money-order payable to NYSSPE - PEC and must be RECEIVED by Friday February 8th, 2019 at:   Rachel Pieniazek, The New York State Society of Professional Engineers (NYSSPE), 6 Airline Dr., Ste 114, Albany, NY 12205.

                                                                 To pay by credit card, click on this link.

For payment inquiries, contact Rachel Pieniazek, Tel. 518-283-7490  or by email:  rachel@nysspe.org - All credit card payments must be made by Friday, February 15, 2019.

All other payments shall be collected at the door at the beginning of the event, by cash or check payable to NYSSPE - PEC.

For further information, please visit the website for the Association of Towns of the State of New York https://www.nytowns.org, call (518) 465-7933, or email info@nytowns.org

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