Help us capture community voices!
Kitsap Community Resources (KCR) conducts a comprehensive assessment every three years to evaluate the needs and assets in our community. It is designed to highlight the gaps in service, programs and/or policy in Kitsap County, specifically as they pertain to the community members that need these services the most. It also helps to inform and guide KCR’s strategic plan. 
Our hope is that the results of this survey will serve as an educational piece for agencies throughout Kitsap County to better understand the challenging issues our community faces and ultimately aid in creating effective solutions.  Furthermore, together with our partners, KCR will continuously improve on the process in order to better adapt to economic and demographic changes.
Why it’s important to hear from you:
For KCR to better serve, we need to critically evaluate ourselves, while understanding the assets of the community and their needs. For the 2022 CNA we're making an effort to approach this work with strategies to engage community voices, especially those who are often left out of the process. Your voice makes an impact on the services and programs offered in Kitsap County.
We are asking multiple demographic questions; this is to make sure we hear from diverse stakeholders and better understand the unique differences in experience.
All questions in this survey are voluntary and anonymous.
This survey should take 15 - 20 minutes.
Have questions? Email us at or call the office at 360-473-2004.
Thank you for your participation and feedback.