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* 1. Is there a history of military service in your family.

* 2. How did you feel when your child (or family member) joined the military? Also what branch did they join? (Army, Navy, USMC, Coast Guard)

* 3. What were the reasons your child (or your family member) joined?

* 4. Has your child (family member) deployed to a war zone/remote unaccompanied post (for non Navy!) For Navy - has your child (or family member) been on an extended or warzone cruise.

* 5. How did you feel during their deployment? - disconnected, information deprived etc.

* 6. What was the deployment's effect on the rest of your family??

* 7. Has there been support for you and/or the service member? Please explain..

* 8. Do you read the blog at ParentsZone.org?

* 9. What information, resources would you like to see for Parents and other family members of serving military??

* 10. Are you a :