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DSM-5/ICD-10 update:

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* 1. DSM-5/ICD-10 update:

  Very Likely Somewhat Likely Not Likely
Would you purchase an upgraded version of TheraScribe that was compatible w/ DSM-5/ICD-10 and had additional new features like more efficient group notes, treatment plan review form, and updated CPT codes?
Would your practice be likely to purchase an upgrade like this for $275 (includes 1 user) plus $75/additional user?
Possible Enhancements

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* 2. Possible Enhancements

  Very Somewhat Not at All
How important do you consider having an integrated electronic billing function in TheraScribe?
If you are a user of the Therapist Helper billing system, how satisfied you are with this integration?
How pleased are you overall with TheraScribe as a clinically useful tool?
How pleased are you with the content in the modules that you have imported into TheraScribe?
Did you feel the price of the product you bought was a good value?
How important for your practice is keeping your data stored locally rather than in the “cloud”?
How interested would your practice be in a web (cloud)-based version of TheraScribe that would also run on a Mac and mobile devices?
How helpful would it be to your practice to have a maintenance plan where an annual payment would provide free updates (except for major new versions like 5.x to 6.x) and access to support?
Please rate the following features of TheraScribe as to their value to you:

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* 3. Please rate the following features of TheraScribe as to their value to you:

  Use all the time Use occasionally Never Use
Personal Data section – Insurance data
Personal Data section – General Notes
Personal Data section – Attachment of files
Personal Data section – Episode Custom Fields
Personal data section – HIPAA compliance tracking
Assessment section – Biopsychosocial History “point & click” form
Assessment section – Psychosocial History narrative recording form
Assessment section – Client Strengths & Weaknesses database list
Assessment section – Assessments Given list/scores
Assessment section – Mental Status recording
Assessment section – Recovery assessment using ASAM criteria & Stage of Change
Assessment section – Summary open field
Treatment Plan section – Problem/Goals/ Objectives/Interventions
Treatment Plan section – Problem selection screen – Assign Clinical Pathway
Treatment Plan section – Modality/Level of Care  information
Treatment Plan section – Approach/Medications used
Treatment Plan section – Diagnosis recording
Treatment Plan section – Client/Significant Other Response to Treatment Plan
Treatment Plan section – Homework Planner selection and printing
Progress section – Session Details (Time, Date Provider, Modality)
Progress section – Progress Notes Planner “point & click” note
Progress section – Objective Rating as an indicator of progress
Progress section – Psychotherapy Notes in narrative form
Progress section – Session Custom Fields
Progress section – Group Session progress note recording
Prognosis/Discharge section – Prognosis details
Prognosis/Discharge section – Discharge Details
Appointment Scheduler
Reports section – Clinical Record Reports
Reports section – Administrative Reports
Tools section – Teams/Groups creation and leadership
Tools section -- Treatment Planners, Progress Note Planners and Libraries
What new features would you like to see in TheraScribe?

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* 4. What new features would you like to see in TheraScribe?

Please offer any additional thoughts or suggestions

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* 5. Please offer any additional thoughts or suggestions