1. Welcome to the TheraScribe Survey

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.

* 1. DSM-5/ICD-10 update:

  Very Likely Somewhat Likely Not Likely
Would you purchase an upgraded version of TheraScribe that was compatible w/ DSM-5/ICD-10 and had additional new features like more efficient group notes, treatment plan review form, and updated CPT codes?
Would your practice be likely to purchase an upgrade like this for $275 (includes 1 user) plus $75/additional user?

* 2. Possible Enhancements

  Very Somewhat Not at All
How important do you consider having an integrated electronic billing function in TheraScribe?
If you are a user of the Therapist Helper billing system, how satisfied you are with this integration?
How pleased are you overall with TheraScribe as a clinically useful tool?
How pleased are you with the content in the modules that you have imported into TheraScribe?
Did you feel the price of the product you bought was a good value?
How important for your practice is keeping your data stored locally rather than in the “cloud”?
How interested would your practice be in a web (cloud)-based version of TheraScribe that would also run on a Mac and mobile devices?
How helpful would it be to your practice to have a maintenance plan where an annual payment would provide free updates (except for major new versions like 5.x to 6.x) and access to support?

* 3. Please rate the following features of TheraScribe as to their value to you:

  Use all the time Use occasionally Never Use
Personal Data section – Insurance data
Personal Data section – General Notes
Personal Data section – Attachment of files
Personal Data section – Episode Custom Fields
Personal data section – HIPAA compliance tracking
Assessment section – Biopsychosocial History “point & click” form
Assessment section – Psychosocial History narrative recording form
Assessment section – Client Strengths & Weaknesses database list
Assessment section – Assessments Given list/scores
Assessment section – Mental Status recording
Assessment section – Recovery assessment using ASAM criteria & Stage of Change
Assessment section – Summary open field
Treatment Plan section – Problem/Goals/ Objectives/Interventions
Treatment Plan section – Problem selection screen – Assign Clinical Pathway
Treatment Plan section – Modality/Level of Care  information
Treatment Plan section – Approach/Medications used
Treatment Plan section – Diagnosis recording
Treatment Plan section – Client/Significant Other Response to Treatment Plan
Treatment Plan section – Homework Planner selection and printing
Progress section – Session Details (Time, Date Provider, Modality)
Progress section – Progress Notes Planner “point & click” note
Progress section – Objective Rating as an indicator of progress
Progress section – Psychotherapy Notes in narrative form
Progress section – Session Custom Fields
Progress section – Group Session progress note recording
Prognosis/Discharge section – Prognosis details
Prognosis/Discharge section – Discharge Details
Appointment Scheduler
Reports section – Clinical Record Reports
Reports section – Administrative Reports
Tools section – Teams/Groups creation and leadership
Tools section -- Treatment Planners, Progress Note Planners and Libraries

* 4. What new features would you like to see in TheraScribe?

* 5. Please offer any additional thoughts or suggestions