* 1. What is your name ?

* 2. When he/she is having a meeting, he/she will

* 3. When someone screams for help, he/she will

* 4. Which sentence best describe him/her ?

* 5. When he/she faces problems, he/she will  

* 6. When he/she is assigned to work in a group for his/her assignment, he/she will

* 7. His/Her friend performs badly in a play. After the rehearsal, she comes and asks him/her for his/her honest opinion. He/She will

* 8. There are lots of assignments but he/she and his/her friends plan a party. He/she will

* 9. When he/she saw a group of friends are whispering, he/she will think they are

* 10. When he/she moves into a new hostel, he/she will

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