* 1. I am Faculty OR Classified Staff at:

* 2. I find the Library hours of operation sufficient:

* 3. Do you use the COA Library print collection for:

* 4. I use the Library’s online resources (Homepage, Internet, Article Databases, recommended web pages, etc.) as a resource:

* 5. I recommend print or non-print research materials and information resources for purchase by the Librarians.

* 6. Would you like to see the library offer an electronic book collection? (Please check all that apply.)

* 7. I place textbooks or other materials for my classes or the college use on Reserve.

* 8. I assign research projects or papers in my classes that require library research; or do college research in my job:

* 9. I consult with a Reference Librarian to plan instructional sessions for my classes or seek advice on or availability of resources for syllabi, required reading lists, paper/assignment topics) and/or other research needs.

* 10. If you used Library Online Resources: How did it go? What could we improve?(Please check all that apply)

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