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The Portland in the Streets team would like to know about your idea.  Please use this form to tell us more about how you'd like to activate a public space in your community.  
Let's get started with your contact information, then we will ask you about your project.

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* 10. Map PointerWhere where your idea be located?  Give as much info as you can.  There's even a space to paste a Google Maps link to a specific location.

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* 16. We would like to know with whom you have partnered or used as resources at this stage of your project.
Q: Why would we like to know?
A: Knowing who your community partners are can help us determine how we can help you further develop your project idea.
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* 17. Please share your concerns regarding your idea.  Let us know if you have identified barriers or logistical challenges that you think could prevent your idea from being implemented.
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* 18. Thank you for sharing your idea with us!  Please leave us comments and feedback in the box below.  We will be contacting you to follow up on your proposal.