Expressions of Interest to host triple j’s One Night Stand concert are now open.

triple j’s One Night Stand brings full scale concerts to regional parts of Australia that don’t often get much live music.  For the host town, it’s also a chance to show off their town to the rest of Australia, and enjoy a boost to tourism and the local economy.

Want triple j’s One Night Stand concert to come to your town? Apply below to register your interest. But wait! There are a couple of things to consider first:

How can I make sure my town gets picked?

To put your best foot forward, please provide as much detail as possible in the form. We’re particularly interested in:

-          How will hosting triple j’s One Night Stand make a difference to your town?

-          Does the town have a site that is suitable to host a concert for 5,000-10,000 people?

-          Does the town have an indoor venue that is suitable to host another event for 300-400 people?

-          Do you have the support of your local council? (This is pretty crucial, since the event is a collaboration between triple j and the council.)

How does triple j choose the location?

We try to play fair and spread the love around the country, so it’s unlikely we’ll re-visit states or areas we’ve been to in recent years (for those of you playing at home, that’s Mount Isa in QLD, Geraldton in WA and Mildura in VIC). But you can still register your interest for future years.

Check out some of the highlights from previous years:

2017 in Mount Isa

2016 in Geraldton

2014 in Mildura

How much time do I have to do my application?

Applications close at 23:59 AEDT on Wednesday 21 March.

When will I find out if my town was chosen?

We’ll get in touch with shortlisted towns for the next concert in early April.

* 2. Region

* 3. Town

* 4. Population Size

* 5. Proposed concert location (please include approximate capacity and a website map link to location)

* 6. What existing facilities are there for hosting a concert (e.g. oval, showground, accommodation, campsite)?

* 7. Proposed indoor event location (please include approximate capacity and a website map link to location)

* 8. What’s the best thing about your town?

* 9. What are the unique features of your town the rest of Australia should know about?

* 10. What local issues do young people face in your area?

* 11. What are some of the local cultural groups in your area? (e.g. music, theatre, arts, sports)

* 12. We ask for a gold coin donation from concertgoers. What local charity would you like to support with the proceeds?

* 13. What would the goal of the fundraising be and do you have a specific amount you need to raise? (e.g. do you want to build a new youth outreach centre, a skate park, a centre for drug rehabilitation, etc)

* 14. Do you have the support of the local council?

* 15. Council contact details

* 16. Your contact details