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* 6. We will be assigning duties along various parts of the course. If you are volunteering with others/a group, please list their names or group name so that we can do our best to accommodate that request.

**each person volunteering must register individually

Activity Information/Waiver of Liability
Thank you for coming to T-Mobile Park for the Refuse To Abuse® 5K! Please carefully review the following information and, if you still wish to participate in the Event after reading this information, please check the box below to indicate your agreement.

I, the undersigned, desire to participate in the Refuse To Abuse® 5K at T-Mobile Park (the "Event"). I agree that my participation in the Event is entirely voluntary and understand that I may refuse to perform any of the activities asked of me and leave at any time. I also understand that I will be subject to the rules and regulations of T-Mobile Park, and that for my safety and the safety of others, I may not enter areas or perform activities without express permission from a representative of The Baseball Club of Seattle, LLLP, or its landlord, the Washington State Major League Baseball Stadium Public Facilities District (collectively, the "Seattle Mariners").

I understand that my participation in the Event may challenge and engage my physical and mental abilities, and that I should not participate in the Event if I have any health conditions affecting my ability to participate. I acknowledge that participation in the Event may involve inherent risks, dangers and hazards, which may occur without warning, or be due to poor skill level, lack of conditioning, carelessness and other unforeseen or unexpected perils inherent in physical activities. I understand the risk and danger of accidents, physical injury or death, effects of exercise, and the unpredictable nature of the human body and the activities inherent in the nature of the Event. I have either visited with my physician and received doctor's advice and consent to my exercise program or have waived such advice, and I accept any and all associated risks.

I understand that the Seattle Mariners and the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence ("WSCADV") are not responsible for me, including any injury or damage to me or my property, while I am participating in the Event. I promise not to sue or bring a claim against the Seattle Mariners or WSCADV or their directors, officers, agents or employees for any claims, injuries, or damages that may occur as a result of my participation in the Event. I hereby release, hold harmless and indemnify each of the above parties from any and all liability or loss of any kind or nature, known or unknown, resulting from my participation in the Event, including, without limitation, liability or loss arising from the negligence, omission or failure of any of them to exercise reasonable care or diligence.

Permission to Use Likeness
I understand that during or in relation to my participation in the Event, the Seattle Mariners or WSCADV may photograph, record and/or film me or otherwise capture my voice, likeness or image and, in return for the opportunity to participate in the Event, I agree that the Seattle Mariners and WSCADV may each use such photographs, tapes, film or other recordings for any promotional, fund raising and commercial activities they wish, without further compensation to me.

I have had the opportunity to review this document and to ask any questions I have about it. My questions, if any, were fully answered. I understand that this is a LEGALLY BINDING WAIVER OF ALL LIABILITY and agree to all of the above terms, which are binding upon me and my heirs and assigns.

*****If the participant is under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must understand and agree to these conditions on behalf of the participant and sign below.*****
By checking the signing in the box below, I warrant that I am of full age and have the right to contract for the minor identified above.

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