Lincoln Boulevard Task Force

The Lincoln Boulevard Task Force would like your opinion of Lincoln Boulevard south of the Santa Monica Freeway as it is today and your opinion of what changes you would support.

The purpose of the Task Force is to transform Lincoln south of the Freeway to the Venice border into an attractive neighborhood-serving street that reflects the needs and desires of our neighborhood residents and local businesses.

We have dedicated volunteers from four neighborhoods (Borderline, Ocean Park, Pico and Sunset Park), who are working with the City of Santa Monica in preliminary discussions to consider what can be done now that CalTrans has relinquished ownership of Lincoln to the City.

Our current activity is in anticipation of the City’s public outreach that will start next year. This formal process will include a series of workshops leading to potential infrastructure changes, hopefully funded, in part, by grants from various transportation agencies. In the interim, we feel that much can be done to improve Lincoln.

Please complete this survey and let your voice be heard as we transform Lincoln to be “Safe, Clean, Beautiful, and Green”!
Lincoln Blvd. Task Force