About this survey

As a marketing agency, it's easy to get caught up in promoting other companies and neglecting the promotion of your own brand. However, failing to prioritize self-promotion can result in a lack of new clients and revenue for your agency.

We understand that marketing agencies have a lot on their plates, from day-to-day operations to client acquisition and retention. That's why we want to explore how agencies can effectively promote themselves and their services.
About this Survey

This survey is designed specifically to be completed ONLY by marketing agencies. 

This survey is conducted by Databox and Sakas & Company. It has 19 short, mandatory, multiple-choice questions and will take approximately 9 minutes to complete. 

Before you start the survey, consider gathering six pieces of data: your services revenue in 2022, your growth rate in 2022, the percentage of recurring annual revenue, your net profit margins, the size of your marketing budget and your team headcount. 

On pages 1, 2, and 3, we ask multiple-choice questions about your agency’s size, business, and your marketing goals, practices, and outcomes. Results from these sections will be anonymized and shared in the aggregate; your individual answers will not be shared. 
Page 4 contains optional open-ended questions you can complete if you want to be quoted in the final report.
We ask for your contact information on page 5 so we can share the final report with you, as well as to enable an additional analysis of the top-performers' practices.

On page 6, you will find a link to the exclusive, invite-only Benchmark Group - accessible only to the agencies that take this survey. We strongly encourage you to join it and connect your data (it’s free and aggregated): those who opt-in will get preliminary anonymized results of this survey and have the exclusive opportunity to get best practices from top-performing agencies (derived from this survey and the data provided by the Benchmark Group). 

Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Once you submit the survey, you’ll get an instant summary of the multiple-choice responses. You’ll get an email update later this year when we publish the full results. And you’ll get an immediate invite to Databox’s new Benchmark Group for agencies, to see how your digital marketing compares to other agencies.