Factors affecting Decision Making in Product Delviery

1.Rate how effectively your organization allocates resources and funding for new product development projects. Consider timeliness and accuracy.(Required.)
2.Rate how well your organizational structure supports the product development process. Consider alignment, silos, architecture, delays due to hand-offs etc.(Required.)
3.How strongly do marketing insights influence your product development decisions?(Required.)
4.Rate your satisfaction with how your product portfolio aligns with your business strategy.(Required.)
5.Rate the effectiveness of your metrics or indicators used to measure product success. Consider leading vs lagging indicators and testing benefits hypothesis.(Required.)
6.How challenging do you find the prioritization of product features within your development process?(Required.)
7.Rate your current use of data analytics in making product development decisions. Consider A/B testing, usage analytics etc.(Required.)
8.How effectively can your organization adapt product development strategies based on market changes? Consider time to identify and respond to changing situations.(Required.)
9.Rate how effectively your organization incorporates customer feedback into the product development process in a timely manner.(Required.)
10.Rate your level of excitement about future changes and innovations in your product development organization.(Required.)