* 1. Please check the boxes next to the services you have left the area for in the past 3 years, and indicate where you went to receive the service:

  Reno/CC Southern CA Mammoth Bakersfield Bay Area Other
Heart Disease/ Cardiology
Lung Disease
Physical Therapy/ Rehab
Primary Care
Psychiatry/ Mental Health
General Surgery
Weight Management

* 2. Why did you leave the area? (Please check all that apply):

* 3. If you left the area for an exam before/after a surgery or for a check-up visit, would you have preferred to stay in Bishop and conduct the visit with your physician using internet teleconferencing (in a privacy secured environment)?

* 4. Do you feel NIH provides enough First Aid and CPR courses?

* 5. Should NIH host an annual Health Fair for residents?

* 6. Please indicate which community education/support groups you feel NIH should provide for free to all residents? Please mark all that apply.

* 7. Please indicate which annual prevention/screening programs you feel NIH should provide for free to qualifying low income residents:

* 8. Please indicate which Community Development programs NIH should be investing in for our community:

*Definition of Telemedicine: The electronic exchange of medical information to improve patients' health.

1. Teleconferencing with a specialist to render a diagnosis (dermatology, mental health, cardiology, pathology, oncology, etc…). This includes examining and discussing images, vital signs and other measurements to develop a treatment plan, and monitor treatment. Teleconferencing used in conjunction with special equipment can also be utilized for pre and post-surgical examinations.

2. Patient care. This allows patients in remote areas with little access to transportation and/or healthcare to have a consultation with a primary care doctor or nurse. Also a variety of indicators can be monitored remotely with equipment in the patients' home, including vital signs, blood glucose and ECG.

3. Patient education allows patients to learn how to better manage their illnesses and to participate in support groups not locally available.