About This Survey

At Theatre Network Australia (TNA), we work to promote equity in the performing arts. We believe in the social model of disability. This model recognises that people's disabilities don't limit their access and participation. Instead, people are limited by physical, attitudinal, communication, and social barriers in society.

We're running a survey about access in Australian Circus and Physical Theatre workplaces. It's for everyone who has worked, or trained to work, in professional circus in Australia. This includes people who have personal experience with disability of any kind or duration. The survey focuses on understanding your experiences of access and equity.

Loki Rickus has been driving this project since 2023. Loki is a circus professional with a disability and dedicated disability advocate. Loki was a member of TNA's Circus and Physical Theatre Advisory Committee from 2021-23.

Your input in this survey is crucial for shaping what we do next. By sharing your thoughts you are helping to improve our circus sector. Together, let's work towards making circus workplaces fair and accessible for everyone.

We are grateful for your time and effort to take part.

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Before You Begin
The survey asks questions about barriers to access within the circus sector. This includes experiences of discrimination, which some may find confronting. Please be gentle with yourself - take a break if needed or stop if you feel like you cannot proceed.

If you need support, you can access helplines and resources at Lifeline, Beyond Blue, Headspace (for young people), SANE (for people with complex mental health) and 13YARN (for mob).

If you want to preview the survey, there is a downloadable word document.

This survey will take between 20-25 minutes to complete.

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About TNA
Theatre Network Australia advocates for a safe, healthy and relevant performing arts sector. We have all kinds of members, but our priority is independents and small to medium companies. TNA is guided by the following key objectives:
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