Explanation of the first voting round

This is the first voting round of the MyRoute-app Roadmap. You can vote three times in this round. You can select a first, second and third choice of the features you would like to see in MyRoute-app.

You choose the first, second and third choice from a list of proposed features. This list has been established by the MRA forum, user questions and insights from the MRA team.

Would you like to know more about a proposed feature? You can also find information about each feature in the menu at the bottom of the ballot paper. The features are numbered and include a brief explanation.

Are you done? Then press “submit vote” at the very bottom of the document

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Suggestions from the MRA Team

1. Live tracking
You can follow real people who are creating a track with one of the MRA apps, live from the website. The live track contains moments and updates of the ride. For example, you can follow a live club ride.

2. Live traffic
With the live traffic feature, you are able to see traffic information in the route editor. This traffic information is displayed in an attractive way and comes from reliable sources.

3. Stop points and via points
You can mark stop or via points in the route editor. The points are then also placed as such on your Garmin or TomTom.

4. Improved RouteXpert library
The RouteXpert library will gain more functionality, including more filtering and sorting options. This way you can specifically seek out routes from the RouteXpert library.

5. Departure times
You can indicate departure times by map. As a result, seasonal closures are ignored.
Suggestions from the MRA Community

6. Community library
A library with all public routes of the community is made available. You are able to search with a map view in this library. You can also search for routes based on start and end points and a radius within which this point may lie.

7. Community POI lists
These POI lists are maintained by one or more users. This way you can exchange your Points Of Interest via MyRoute-app and track them together.

8. Co-pilot.trp format 
Some users use an Android app called CoPilot. For them, this extension is a requirement to continue making good use of the app.

9. Design your own POIs
This makes it possible to provide POIs with a separate icon and more information, such as the position, name, description, address, telephone number and URL.

10. Event/group page expansion
There will be a “landing page” for every event where you can promote and describe the event with text, images, and links. The event can also be shared in a nicer way outside of MyRoute-app.

11. Sort events and groups
in the left bar and in the profile of the menu where Groups and Events are, it becomes possible to sort and filter. There will also be a filter which you can use to filter events and groups that you yourself own, in which you participate in and in which you are a manager.

12. Geo-tagged images
Images can be added to track logs. The image can be loaded automatically with a geo-tag.
Images can also be loaded in bulk with this feature.

13. Export multiple routes
This feature makes it possible to send multiple routes from the route overview to a device.
This is possible with the Connector as well as with a “save as” feature.
14. Send multiple routes to MyDrive
This feature makes it possible for multiple routes from the route overview to be sent to the TomTom MyDrive. This is possible with a “save as” feature.

15. Save as .docx file
This feature makes it possible for the file to be saved as a text file for users who want a turn-by-turn description of their route in written format.

16. Automatically delete old events
Old events are automatically deleted if you have not accepted or declined them. This is especially useful if you do not look at MRA that often, but you are offered many events.

17. POIs visible from a higher place.
POIs become visible from higher zoom levels thanks to this improvement.

18. Travel overview (show routes in map)
When a folder is clicked, you see a map display that shows a combination of all the routes that belong to that folder. You can also view the travel overview interactively in a map.

19. Enter route point
With this feature you can add a new route point that will end up directly between other route points instead of at the start or end of the route.

20. Routes with decision making moments
You can now add decision points to a route. An alternative route can be created from a decision point. This way you can create variations of a route in one route. Variants can be exported individually. Routes including decision points can only be driven with MRA Navigation.

21. Working on a route together
This makes it possible for a user to have one shared route with another user that can be edited together.

22. Time processing routes and route points
It becomes possible to edit time at a route point. This allows you to specify additional pre-calculation time. This is useful if you know that in practice a certain section takes longer or if you want to pass on a certain stop/break in the total route duration.

23. Download complete route library including folder structure
You will be able to download and upload your complete route library including the corresponding folder structure.