Forum Objectives and vision

* 1. Do you consider KASK National Sea Kayaking Forum to be

* 2. Do you think the current objectives for National KASK Forum [AGM, Skills development and social gathering] is still relevant or should we rethink the objectives?

* 3. Please rank the objectives below in the order of importance

* 4. KASK is currently for Sea Kayakers, should the target audience be broadened to include Kayak fishing, multisport, K1 racing and white water paddling?

* 5. If Yes, please state what you like to see KASK Forum expand to include:

* 6. Do you think the name of the event should be changed?

* 7. At what level should the forum target [select more than one if necessary]

* 8. Sponsors - Would you be happy if KASK National Sea Kayaking Forum was sponsored?

* 9. If you are happy to have a Forum sponsor, what are the sponsorship options you are comfortable with?

* 10. If you are happy to have a Forum sponsor, what should the sponsorship cover?