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Keep America Beautiful is the iconic national nonprofit organization that inspires and educates people to take action every day to improve and beautify their community environment.  We envision a country where every community is a clean, green, and beautiful place to live.

Help Keep America Beautiful honor outstanding individual volunteers for their efforts to deliver more beautiful, cleaner and improved neighborhoods and public spaces.  For more than 60 years, Keep America Beautiful has been honoring the best of the best in community improvement and stewardship.


Lady Bird Johnson Award:
This award is given to an outstanding female volunteer for exceptional leadership with at least 10 years in helping her local community to become cleaner, greener and more beautiful.  The award originated during a "Salute to Women in Beautification" program at Keep America Beautiful’s National Conference in 1968, and commemorates the former First Lady’s many litter prevention and beautification activities.  Since then, more than 60 outstanding volunteer women have received this award.

Iron Eyes Cody Award:
The Iron Eyes Cody Award honors outstanding male volunteers for exceptional leadership with at least 10 years in helping his local community to become cleaner, greener and more beautiful, and by raising public awareness about the need for citizens to participate in activities that preserve and enhance natural resources and public lands. Since 1988, more than 20 men have been honored with this award.

Carolyn Crayton Award:
The Carolyn Crayton Award recognizes an individual board member, company, or organization of a local Keep America Beautiful affiliate for long standing service to that affiliate. The individual/organization will have demonstrated leadership by contributing their time, talent, and/or dollars to improve the quality of life in that community and contributed to the sustainability of the affiliate.

Young Professional Award:
The Keep America Beautiful Young Professional Award honors an outstanding volunteer under the age of 40. This outstanding individual demonstrates exceptional leadership in helping their local community to become cleaner, greener and more beautiful through their role as a volunteer separate from regular job duties.

Winners will be selected by a volunteer panel of current and past affiliate and Keep America Beautiful leaders, and when applicable Keep America Beautiful National Staff.  Judges may request additional materials.  Awards winners may not be selected in every category.  All winners will be notified by Dec. 1, 2017.  Awards will be presented at Keep America Beautiful’s Annual National Conference January 17-19, 2018 in Dallas, TX.

* 1. Which Achievement Award category are you nominating for?

* 2. Nominee:

* 3. How should name appear on award, if selected?

* 4. Background (15 points): Provide a profile of the individual or group including history of sustained engagement with a Keep America Beautiful affiliate, if applicable, or other community organization(s). Include the individual’s or group's law enforcement position (Law Enforcement Officer or Criminal Investigator; Environmental/Code Compliance Officer or Inspector; Department/Division; Prosecutor/Attorney; or Judge).

* 5. Achievements (25 points): Describe your nominee’s major achievements and how they work with their community. Include a description of  community events they engaged in and results they helped achieve.

* 6. Leadership (25 points): Describe your nominee’s leadership qualities. Include how civic groups, the business community, individuals or others were involved in helping your nominee realize their vision.

* 7. Community and Environmental Action (25 points):  What initiatives, programs, or activities has the nominee participated in and/or spearheaded to help their local community?  Is the nominee involved with Keep America Beautiful at the national, state, or local level?  What Keep America Beautiful Programs and/or resources were used?  Was behavior changed, e.g., less litter, more materials recycled or recycled correctly?

* 8. Summation (5 points)  Provide two to three sentences summarizing your nominee, their background, and their efforts to make their community a cleaner, greener, more beautiful place to live. 

* 9. Supplemental Material:

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  • Press clips.
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