Training Feedback

The purpose of this survey is to gather your perspectives and feedback on the KCAS-KAAP Aligned Content Assessment Standards Training. Results will not be available to the public. Data from the survey will reported only in aggregate with no identifying information.

The survey will take about seven minutes to completed. The results of the survey will help us to further improve our trainings and products.

Thank you for your time and participation!

* 1. Please rate your level of agreement on the following statements regarding the Instructional Planning Tool.

  1- Strongly Disagree 2 3- Neither Agree nor Disagree 4 5- Strongly Agree Cannot Rate
This tool will assist me with my instructional planning.
The tool will help me identify learning targets.
The tool will help me select appropriate methods of assessment.
The podcasts will further help me in understanding how to use the tool at each grade level.