Welcome to the UX Self-Evaluation Survey

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At the moment, we don't really have a lot of accreditation tools for UX. "You are because you say you are,"  but how do you get your hands around it? Here's my attempt to establish some definition, some value, and some common ground.

The 4 sections are: Framing, UX Competencies, "Dirt-under-the-fingernail" skills, "Soft" skills

You rate yourself in each area.  (Note: Clients and Hiring Managers can use this same system to Scope your expectations when looking for UX talent).

The Rating System

[ 0 ]   Nope  Doesn't really apply to me.
[ 1 ]   Theoretical  I know what it means, am able to support it.
[ 2 ]   Competent  I've been paid to do it. 
[ 3 ]   Expert  This is why you hire me.