The CAI Academy (Computer Aided Implantology Academy) is the oldest international non profit association formed to provide continuous stimulus and education in Computer Aided Oral Implantology.
CAI Academy would like to know your opinion about 3D implant planning and guided implantology.
We know your time is precious. For this reason, we limited this survey 10 questions and 1 to 2 minutes will be enough to make it.

Whether you use this technology or not, your opinion is very important and will help us improving the solutions we already use today.

* 1. What is your kind of practice?

* 2. Since how many years do you place implants?

* 3. Did you already made a 3D implant planning?

* 4. Did you already used a surgical guide fabricated based on a 3D implant planning?

* 5. Whether you use surgical guides or not, can you give us the main obstacles you face to use them?

* 6. Do you consider you will use surgical guides based on a 3D planning in the future?

* 7. In computer-guided implantology, what solution best suits your needs?

* 8. In computer-guided implantology, are you interested in one or several of these features?

* 9. The CAI Academy, a source of knowledge...

* 10.

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By the way your Comments are very much welcome.
Thank you for your participation.