1. Changing the trajectory of young lives

On January 2, 2007, media mogul, Oprah Winfrey opened the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy For Girls in South Africa. The academy is just one of the many ways that philanthropist Oprah Winfrey continues to give back, protect and defend the community. All New Media freshmen watched the film in class on Tuesday. I hope that you were all moved and inspired by Winfrey's philanthropy and the young South African girl's spirit and determination.

* 1. In talking about her South African daughters, Winfrey said that the trajectory of their lives just changed. Explain what Winfrey means by that statement.

* 2. If you could contribute one book to the O.W.L.A library which book would you donate and why?

* 3. Why did Winfrey open a school for girls only and not for boys?

* 4. Of all the communities in the world, why would Oprah Winfrey choose to build a Leadership Academy in South Africa?

* 5. Where would you recommend that Oprah Winfrey build the next Leadership Academy? Explain your answer.

* 6. What leadership qualities do you possess? Give two examples of how you have been a leader for change and righteousness.

* 7. Give two examples of how much you value education.

* 8. Why is it critical for students to aspire to be great, especially in 2007?

* 9. Are you a spoiled American child? What advantages do you have in life that Oprah’s South African daughters do not have? What advantages do they have that you do not have?

* 10.
Why was January 2, 2007 the greatest day in Oprah Winfrey’s life?