Summer of 2009: Your View of the Economy

We seem to be at an economic crossroads. Home sales in June rebounded for the first time in three years (leading the state), but the County sales tax was off 14%. People rushed to turn in their "junk" cars, but overall GDP still fell 1%. Unemployment was lower in Hamilton County than most Ohio counties, but still rising.

What's your view on the economy? What are you seeing and feeling? And what should we do locally?

* 1. Do you think the worst of the economic recession is behind us?

* 2. What measures have you seen at your workplace to deal with the economic climate?

* 3. In the past year, have you cut back on the following expenditures?

  1. Drastically cut back 2. Cut back some 3. No change
1. Automobile
2. Eating out
3. Clothes
4. Travel
5. Charitable giving
6. Other family expenditures

* 4. What measures are most important for the County to take to get through the current budget crisis?

  1. Bad idea 2. 3. OK 4. 5. Great idea
1. Cut Spending To Match Reduced Revenues (even if layoffs/furloughs)
2. Raise Taxes To Keep Critical Services Going (and avoid layoffs/furloughs)
3. Invest in Economic Development to Increase Revenues and Create Jobs
4. Consolidate Services Among Governments To Reduce Costs

* 5. It looks as if five property tax levies will be on the November ballot. Four for renewal: MRDD (Development Disabilities and Mental Retardation Services), Family and Treatment Services (Drug Court, Mental Health Court, Drug Prevention services), Museum Center, Schools. One new: Library.

If you were to vote today, how many would you vote to support?

* 6. Do you think the federal stimulus legislation is making a difference?

* 7. Are you taking/have you taken advantage of the "junker" auto trade-in program?

* 8. What is the most important thing we could do in this region to get the economy going again?

* 9. Neighborhood (optional)

* 10. Email (optional)