Welcome to the IAAHPC Business Circles survey

Thank you for your interest and willingness to answer a few questions about Business Circles! 

First, a little more information about what Business Circles are.  This is a new program at the IAAHPC, born out of a desire to bring members together more frequently and with helpful connections like those we make at the annual conference.  At the conference we learn a lot and pick up many new ideas.  We head home energized, only to have to try to go it alone and wait 12 months until the next conference when we can ask each other more questions and make other meaningful connections with colleagues.

Business Circles will give IAAHPC members the opportunity to meet online with a small group once a month to discuss our businesses.  It’s difficult being a mobile end-of-life practitioner due to our isolation and inability to connect when we need to with others facing the same challenges we are facing. As a member of a Business Circle, you can bring your successes or challenges to the group about any sort of business issue (ex. marketing, staff, taxes, website). Share your ideas and also get help and advice.  Chances are good that if you’re having a problem, other members will have already tackled that problem or are experiencing it right along with you. 

Think of a Business Circle as your personal circle of advisors!  There’s lots of wisdom to be shared.

P.S. This survey is confidential.  If you'd like to identify yourself, feel free to email Rebecca McComas at mccomas@mnpets.com with your comments, questions or suggestions.