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K9 Line of Duty Hostile Action Injury and Death Study

You are being asked to complete a survey on police canine line of duty injuries and deaths because you are a handler whose partner has been injured during deployment.  Your participation in this survey is optional but highly appreciated.  We ask for identifying information in this survey so that we may follow up with you and obtain veterinary records, but no identifying information will be included in any publications stemming from this research.  Your answers to this survey will help increase our understanding of how police canines are injured in the line of duty and help create policies to minimize the risk to our canine partners.  This research is being conducted by Veterinary Tactical Group.  If you have any questions please contact Dr. Alex Moore (406-890-4290, or Trinity Maurer (

Please Note: If you have experienced more than one hostile action injury or death please complete this survey for each individual incident

Estimated time to complete: 20 minutes
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