We are proposing a mug to be used in place of disposable cups everywhere on campus and at sponsor stores all around Bozeman. Users of the mug would receive promotional discounts on drinks.
This is a preliminary market research survey for such an Eco Mug that would be given to freshman for free and sold at sponsor locations.

* 1. How many disposable cups do you use on campus during a typical school week?

* 2. What percent discount on beverages would you like to receive for using an Eco Mug?

* 3. Given that you would receive an acceptable discount, what percent of your beverage purchases would you use your Eco Mug for on campus?

* 4. What percent of purchases would you use your Eco Mug for if you received a discount at local businesses around Bozeman?

* 5. If nearly everyone owned an Eco Mug, what surcharge on disposable cups around campus would you recommend?

* 6. What local stores would you like to participate with a discount on drinks using an Eco Mug? Don’t limit your Eco Mug use to only coffee!

* 7. Try to list 5 qualities that are most important in a mug to you. Qualities could include handle/no handle, spill proof, material…etc.

* 8. Would you purchase an Eco Mug and if so, for what price?

* 9. Please enter your student ID number with no dash.