Vitality Survey

This survey is one tool that the Vitality Team is using to better understand the needs and hopes of those already involved at Covenant Congregational Church (CCC). We invite every person age 13 and older who considers CCC their "church home" to thoughtfully complete this survey. 

* 1. What is your age?

* 2. How many years have you attended CCC?

* 3. What was the reason(s) you started coming to CCC?

* 4. Please estimate how many times you've attended worship in the past year?

* 5. In addition to worship, in which other programs, events or activities do you participate? (ex: Adult Sunday School, Youth Fellowship, social events, Prayer Group, Bible Study, service activities, a small group ministry.)

* 6. What important contributions has CCC made in your life?

* 7. What are the primary ways you contribute to the life of the church? (ex: gift of talent, gift of time, financial support, offering hospitality, offering care, evangelism, administrative help, leadership etc.)

* 8. How has being a part of CCC helped you grow as a disciple of Christ?

* 9. What makes our church unique?

* 10. When is CCC at its best?

* 11. What hopes do you have for the future of our church?

* 12. Please use this space to share additional comments with the Vitality Team.

* 13. Optional. Your name.