School Values

During term 3 we have given all members of our school community an opportunity to participate in the creation of a new set of school values for Newlands Primary School, which we will begin using in 2019.

A huge thank you to all parents, teachers and students who were involved in the process.

The result of the meetings held has been the creation of a list of ten values which were common to all three groups.

All community members will now have an opportunity to view the list and through a survey give their feedback on the values chosen. We would like to encourage you to complete the survey and rank the identified values in your order of preference to assist us moving forward to identify our new school values.

Please complete the survey by Tuesday 25th of September. 

Results of the survey will be made available in term 4.

Question Title

* 1. Were you inloved in the consultation process  for the
creation of new school values at Newlands Primary School?

Question Title

* 2. The 10 values listed below were the ones which were 
identified as possible school values for Newlands Primary 
School. Please read the list and let us know your preference for our new school values by ordering them from 1-10.

Question Title

* 3. Any comments you wish to make about the use of 'values' 
at Newlands Primary School.

Question Title

* 4. Community member