2017-18 Stewardship Campaign

* 1. Pledging Household

* 2. We recognize that there are various levels of generosity, and so we look at giving as a percentage of gross income (before taxes), rather than a dollar amount. We encourage members to consider giving at least 3% to sustain our UUCE community.  Can you commit to a percentage of your gross income?

* 3. If, on June 30, 2017, you have an unpaid balance from your 2016-17 pledge, how would you like the Finance Committee to proceed?

* 4. Most banks offer an automatic bill pay service through which customers can schedule payments to fulfill their financial obligations, including church pledges. Receiving pledge payments in this way helps the church anticipate and maintain a consistent cash flow throughout the year. Can you help UUCE be more financially stable by using an autopay service at your bank?

* 5. CORNERSTONE MEMBERS: In order to assist the budgeting process year-to-year, I will commit to paying a pledge in this same amount annually, until such point as I contact the church Financial Secretary to indicate that my payments will be changing (either increasing or decreasing). I understand that the Stewardship Team will contact me to have a conversation about increasing my pledge on an annual basis.