Virtual Reality Laboratory

user study for both immersive and non-immersive environments to assess user control interface preferences over the simulated application

* 1. What is your age?

* 2. Your Gender

* 3. Can this application be used for educational or training purposes in a remote robot combat control situation?

* 4. Can this application be used as a substitute for controlling a remote robot as opposed to physically being there?

* 5. Do you think viewing this virtual reality application for a remote robot control simulation will help during a real-time (actual) situation?

* 6. How did you like using the 5DT data glove?

* 7. How did you like using the Oculus HMD? 

* 8. How did you like the non-immersive mode? (Keyboard & Mouse control)

* 9. How did you like immersive mode? (Glove and HMD control)

* 10. Which mode did you MOST prefer when controlling the robot?

* 11. Please make recommendations or suggestions to improve on this research

* 12. Enter your score