Bed Bug Services

Thank you for continuing to participate in our bed bug services monthly survey. We're excited to compare the results from the previous surveys to determine any trends across the nation. As we compile and analyze the data, we will continue to share that information with you. 

Was your company’s bed bug revenue up or down last month? Are you curious as to what other companies in your region experienced? The following survey is going to ask you a series of anonymous questions on the region your company services and what level of bed bug activity you observed in the previous month. This survey will be sent out monthly and intended to give everyone an idea of bed bug activity in their area.

* 1. What region does your company serve? Please select one.

* 2. When you analyze the status of your bed bug business, how do you determine by month whether or not you are up, down or flat?

* 3. How was your bed bug revenue for the month of October?

* 4. How much bed bug revenue does your company generate each year?