In order that we might better meet the needs of those we wish to serve we would like to ask ten questions through this survey.

Please take a few minutes to help us understand the ways in which we can best share the compassion and hope of Christ through the ministry of Music for the Soul.

Your answers are confidential and appreciated.

1. Did you know about Music for the Soul before receiving this survey?

2. Have you or your church ever purchased or donated to receive one or more of the following resources from Music for the Soul?

3. Is your church one that addresses difficult cultural issues such as:

4. To address issues, does your church have:

5. Do you have issue focused support groups in your church, such as:

6. A song is the most powerful form of communication because it speaks to both the left hemisphere of the brain where language is processed (through the lyric) and the right hemisphere of the brain where emotions are processed (through the melody).

Were you aware of this before reading it here?

7. Studies show that people remember more of what they hear in a song than what they read or what they are told.

Were you aware of this fact before reading it here?

8. Music for the Soul creates songs and testimony-based resources to deal with the most difficult cultural issues that Christians face today.

How important do you think these resources are for believers today?

9. Do you have any additional comments you would like to share with us?

10. Please provide the following: