* 1. What are the challenges/pains your property is currently facing?

* 2. What are your top business goals in 2016?

* 3. Has there been changes in the industry that you need to be prepared for? (If so, what?)

* 4. What pain(s) does your reservation software and/or online booking engine cause you?

* 5. What is most important to your property to have within a reservations software and online booking engine?

* 6. When evaluating a reservation software/online booking engine, how do you expect that process to go?

* 7. How many years have you had your existing reservation software?

* 8. What do you wish for in a reservation software/online booking engine that no one seems to offer?

* 9. Please provide any additional feedback you wish to share?

* 10. Email Address (if you'd like us to reach out about your comments).

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