The City of Pico Rivera is in the process of developing a Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP). The HMP helps to lessen the City's vulnerability to disasters, and demonstrates the City’s commitment to reducing risks from all hazards. Once the HMP is reviewed and approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the City will be eligible to apply for pre-disaster and post-disaster grant funding to reduce the exposure of its residents to risks associated with the hazards that may occur.

The City would like to engage residents in the development of the HMP. The City wants to know what concerns the people in Pico Rivera most about future disasters, whether they are natural (e.g., earthquakes, severe weather, floods, and fires), or non-natural hazards (e.g., hazardous materials incidents, transportation accidents, public health outbreak, terrorism, etc.). The City is concerned about the safety of its residents, businesses and other community members, especially during a disaster. This questionnaire is designed to help the City gauge the level of knowledge community members have about the types of hazards that are prevalent in Pico Rivera. The information you provide will help us develop strategies and actions to reduce the risk of death, injuries and property damage caused by disasters.  

The survey consists of 19 questions and provides an opportunity for you to write comments at the end. Your answers to the questions will be used to identify material for the HMP and will be kept secure for this purpose only. When you have finished the survey, please select [Done] on the final page.

The City of Pico Rivera thanks you for taking the time to participate in this information-gathering process.

Question Title

* 1. In the past, which of the following natural or non-natural hazard events have you or anyone in your household experienced, or have been affected by within the Pico Rivera area? The hazards are listed in alphabetical order. (Check all that apply)