Educational Presentations

As a parent of a transplant child, which speakers would you be the most interested in seeing?  We greatly appreciate your feedback and it will help shape future support groups at multiple centers.  Thank you!

* 1. Qualifications for Make a Wish and how to Self-Apply

* 2. Does my child qualify for an IEP/504 after transplant?

* 3. Feeding difficulties after transplant

* 4. Financial resources before, during and after transplant

* 5. Sibling rivalry when your child is awaiting transplant-how to include all family members

* 6. Helping teens cope with having to take daily medication and compliance

* 7. Transition-what does it look like when transitioning from pediatric to adult transplant world

* 8. Teen buddies-having a peer to help you through the transplant process

* 9. Sleeping difficulties after transplant

* 10. Please suggest a topic you would like to see that hasn't been listed: