Forum Questions

The New York State Library held a forum on NOVELNY at the New York Library Association conference in Lake Placid in October.  The forum questions are listed below.  Please complete the survey if you would like to add your input about NOVELNY.

* 1. The library community has indicated in surveys that NOVELNY is the most highly valued service of the State Library. What would increase NOVELNY’s value to your library, your library users and your community? (Be specific)

* 2. What more could the State Library do to provide e-resources for New Yorkers?

* 3. NOVELNY is now 15 years old. What improvements would you like to see implemented over the next five years? (Be specific)

* 4. If your local library had really high-speed broadband service – like 1 Gigabyte – what kinds of opportunities might that open for users of a product like NOVELNY? What kinds of services are library users not able to use because current broadband service is not sufficient?

* 5. What can be done to better promote NOVELNY resources to the public?

* 6. Who uses NOVELNY in your community? How do you know?

* 7. How do your users access NOVELNY now? What would you do to improve access?

* 8. What would be the benefits to your library’s customers if all NOVELNY resources were available through one easy to use portal, with no need for a password or library card? What could be the downsides?

* 9. What NOVELNY usage statistics are essential for your library or library system, and why?

* 10. Additional comments

* 11. Name (optional)

* 12. E-mail (optional)