We ask each adult per household to please take one minute to answer the following 2 questions.

As we prepare for our return to in-person worship inside the church building, we need your help. Over the last several months, we’ve gathered information and recent scientific data from subject matter experts in order to find ways to safely re-engage small group activities at church to include masks, sanitization, air filters, air purifiers and/or ionization. Now, we are focusing on returning to in-person worship utilizing all data and procedures we’ve developed to keep our community safe while in-person. The following survey is critical to informing re-entry plans and our initial worship experience strategy for St. Luke’s.  

Please note, worship service seating will be socially distanced in single or family groups from 1-6 depending on reservations, masks will be worn, and the use of hand sanitizer before and after service will be strongly encouraged. Air purification systems will be engaged.  

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* 1. As a starting point for St. Luke’s to re-engage in-person indoor worship this spring, which experience will you and/or your children be attending more often than not? (Check all that apply):

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* 2. Which of the following will I attend this spring if offered? (Check all that apply):