* 1. Please indicate your grade level below.

* 2. Please indicate your gender below

* 3. Please choose how safe you generally feel in your classrooms below. Choose only one answer.

* 4. Select any areas of campus that DO NOT feel safe to you (if any).

* 5. What, if any, are major causes for your unsafe feelings on campus? Check only those answers that apply.

* 6. What could HHS do to make campus feel safer? Check all that apply.

* 7. Are you interested in being part of a Safety Committee?

* 8. What time(s) of the day would you say safety is the biggest issue, if any?

* 9. In the event of a safety concern, do you feel like there are adults on campus you can go to for help?

* 10. In the event of a safety concern, who do you feel most comfortable speaking to?

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