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* 2. Are you a mentor or mentee?

* 3. Please provide us with the date of your meeting:


* 4. Who participated in this activity? (choose all that apply)

* 5. Briefly summarize what activities you did during your meeting. (Where did you go? What did you do? Had you been there/done that before, etc.)

* 6. Please summarize some topics you discussed. (What did you talk about? What questions did you ask/answer? Was it a helpful meeting? Fun?)

* 7. Please finish this statement and explain:
"The most interesting/valuable part of this activity was..."

* 8. Help us keep track of what categories/topics are most often discussed by our mentors and mentees. Please respond to the statements below. If anything is unclear, please let us know. Thank you!

  Yes, this was a primary talking point of ours Yes, we discussed this a bit No, we did not touch on this
During this meeting we discussed courses, instructors, and/or programs of study.
We discussed specific courses and/or the content of certain courses.
Our conversation involved career exploration topics (jobs, internships, or job shadowing, etc.).
We discussed exploring different majors.
We touched on being a woman in STEM.
We touched on university resources for academic or personal needs/assistance.
We talked about ways to get involved on campus.
We talked about Iowa City/Coralville and its resources/activities.
We talked about non-academic social activities (tailgating, sports games, parties, nights out, vacation plans, etc.).
We talked about relationships (platonic and/or romantic) - building, navigating, maintaining, or ending them.
We talked about people and places from back home (where we grew up).

* 9. Lastly, if you have any specific feedback for WISE -- about this meeting or your general WISE experience -- we'd love to hear it!

Some of it helps us improve, some of it makes us all happy inside knowing our program is of value to you, and some of it -- usually the stuff that's written in full sentences! -- is used when writing proposals and reports for program sponsorship.

Thank you!

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