1. The Louisiana Pro Bono Net Survey

* 1. Welcome to the survey for www.probono.net/la. Which title below best describes what you do?

* 2. For how many years have you provided legal support for low-income people?

* 3. Please check below all areas that describe the legal help you have provided to low-income people:

* 4. How did you learn about www.probono.net/la?

* 5. How often do you visit www.probono.net/la?

* 6. Which feature or features do you use on www.probono.net/la?

* 7. How helpful are the following features:

  Very Helpul Helpful Somewhat Helpful Not Helpful I do not use this feature
Home Page Information
News & Job Postings
Civil Law Library
Road Home Library
Art & Entertainment Law Library
Search Feature

* 8. How often do you submit resources to www.probono.net/la, including news items, calendar events, and items for the library and brief bank?

* 9. What additonal features or resources would you like to see on www.probono.net/la?

* 10. Thank you for your time and please give any examples of how the resources on www.probono.net/la helped you in your work.