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* 1. This is a survey to provide feedback to Divinderjit Singh (Bobby) Chattrath. The purpose of this survey is to improve teaching learning process. Students are advised to consider the work done during the whole semester / year while answering these questions. There is a text area at the end for you to provide suggestions for improvement.

  Always Usually Sometimes Rarely Never
I enjoy this subject
I want to study this subject.
I want to pursue this subject in later years of schooling.
This subject is interesting to me.
I find the lessons engaging.
I find the lessons challenge me to learn new things.
I find the lessons too easy.
The lessons are well structured.
The lessons involve regular practical activities.
The expectations of each lesson are made clear to me.
The teacher allows me enough time to complete work in class.
The teacher is actively involved with the students in the class
The teacher offers a variety of learning tasks for the students to complete over the course of a week.
The teacher checks my work regularly and knows what I can do and/or understand.
The teacher provides prompt feedback to students when work is submitted.
The teacher checks my prior understanding before beginning a new topic/unit.
The teacher adjusts their teaching to adapt to the different levels of student knowledge/understanding in the class.
The teacher gives me the opportunity to assess the work of my peers.
The teacher gives me the opportunity to assess my own work against criteria/rubrics.
The teacher gives me opportunity to provide them with feedback about their teaching.
The teacher explains things clearly.
The teacher is well organised.
The teacher provides me resources on NEO.
The resources on NEO are helpful and relevant.
I feel like I am learning this subject well.
I feel confident in class.
I am making good progress in this subject.
I feel confident that I am being well prepared for successful completion of VCE units

* 2. Optional comments about subject